Core Values

WNFC operates under the following core values:

1. Inclusivity: WNFC  has a place for you, regardless of your skill or

2. Intentional skill development: WNFC will help players get better at soccer
through structured lesson planning, coach training, and frequent feedback
during the season to help coaches and players get from point A to point B, from
week to week, and from season to season.


3. Family balance: WNFC will establish reasonable time commitments to allow
kids to be kids, enjoy family dinners, get their homework done, and enjoy
free play; ask for reasonable financial commitments that didn’t artificially
increase pressure or expectations; and offer a season length that allowed
child to pursue other interests and other sports without guilt. 

4. Promoting lifelong enjoyment of sports: WNFC IS committed to making the 
youth sports experience so positive and encouraging that every child would
want to make sports a part of their life, regardless of whether they chose to
pursue the activity competitively or not.