Select Program


Who is this program for?

This is for young people that enjoy soccer, and want to dedicate more time to competitive soccer. Specifically, the program is designed for players who are looking to improve their technical skills in preparation for tournaments throughout the region in a competitive atmosphere.  Age groups for these teams varies depending on coaches and interest.

What is the goal of the program?

To provide an opportunity for young people who enjoy soccer, and give them the opportunity to improve within the game in a competitive atmosphere.  The ideal participant is one that wishes to improve technically to positively impact their HS and MS programs.

How often is training?

Training schedules will be at the discretion of the assigned select coach.

Who will conduct the training?

Training for all WNFC academy sessions are under the direction of our select team coaches, who receive training from WNFC’s DOC.

What does the program cost? And what does that include?

$55-75 depending on time of registration includes: coaching, facility rental, insurance, player registration and jersey.  Additional fees may apply to travel, lodging and tournament fees.

Can players play other sports?

Absolutely!! Please just communicate conflicts with coaches as well in advance as possible so coaches can plan accordingly.

What is the time frame for the program?

Our goal is to run our Select program alongside our Academy program in the fall.  However tournaments do occur at other times of the year.  WNFC is active in both winter indoor tournaments and Spring outdoor tournaments as well.