WNFC Adult League

Western Nebraska FC is excited to announce the formation of our first adult league competition. Registartion will open August 1st.

WNFC's adult league will open play on September 12th 2021. Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at Lander's soccer complex. Registration is $385 per team and includes team jerseys as well as referee and field fees.





Rule 1 - The Players:   7v7 (6 field players + goalkeeper) – a minimum of 5 players must be on the field to start the game. All players must be registered, must have paid all fees, must have electronically registered and agreed to the league rules and waivers.  Substitutions: each team may substitute players at any stoppage during the game except penalties or corner kicks. Players must be at midfield to substitute. No substitutions on the fly. In order to be eligible to play in the post season playoffs, a player must have been registered, paid and participated in at least one current regular season match. Medical Substitution: A paid & rostered player on a team may allow another player to become a medical substitution for the remainder of the season provided the new player pays the club $25 registration and all prorated payment is settled and agreed upon between injured player and new player. The injured player may not return for the remainder of the season and can only be one time.

Rule 2 - The Players' Equipment:   Players wear their team's uniform, consisting of the similar if not same colors with unique numbers 6 inches or bigger on the back, shin guards covered by socks. Jewelry and other accessories are prohibited. The goalkeeper shall wear jersey colors distinguished from all other field players and from the Referees. No metal cleats allowed. The home team will be responsible for changing colors if both the home and visiting teams have matching colors. The home team is responsible for the match ball(s).

Rule 3 - The Referee:  The decisions of the Referee regarding facts connected with play and interpretations of the Laws of the game are final.

Rule 4 – Forfeits:  Phone or email notice of forfeiture or reschedule of a game must be made to the league administrator by 7 PM on the Friday prior to a Sunday match so that the referees can be cancelled in a timely manner. Each team will submit a fee in the amount of your leagues individual registration at the beginning of the season. If a team does not forfeit during the season then the fee/deposit will be refunded at season’s end. If a team forfeits without proper notice, the fee will be used to pay the referees and will not be refunded. There are a minimum of 5 players required to start a match. If the team loses a player to injury or penalty they automatically forfeit the match.

Western Nebraska Football Club: 308-631-9003, westernnebraskfc@gmail.com, www.westernnebraskafc.com.

Any forfeit is listed as a 3-0 loss to the forfeiting team. Forfeits due to losing a player do not count in forfeit payment, only for no call, no email, no show.

Rule 5 - The Duration:  of the game consists of two halves of 35 minutes. With a halftime period of no more than 5 minutes.

Rule 6 - The Start and Restart of Play:  A kickoff from the center mark starts play at the beginning of each half and after every goal. A player who starts play may not play the ball again until it touches another player. A goal may not be scored directly from the kickoff, it has to touch another player prior. At the start of each game, the home team takes the kickoff for the first half kickoff and any overtime period. Teams switch goals and the visiting team takes the kickoff for the second half. All free kicks are indirect (except penalty kicks). Before the team takes the free kick, the ball must be stationary. All opposing players are at least 15 feet from the spot of the free kick (or, if within 15 feet of the opponent's goal, along the goal line). The spot of the free kick is at the place of the infraction.

Rule 7 – Midline Rule:   A violation occurs when a goalkeeper propels the ball in the air across the midfield line toward the opponent's goal without touching the ground, another player or a referee on the field of play. The ball will be placed at the midfield line at the spot of the infraction. This only applies to goalkeeper possession/distribution, i.e. goal kicks, punts and throws. A ball passed back to the goalkeeper by a teammate or played without picking up is considered playing as a normal field player.

Rule 8 - The Method of Scoring:  A team scores a goal when the whole of the ball legally passes over the goal line. A goal may not be scored directly from a kickoff. Win = 3 points Tie = 1 points Loss = 0 points Team accumulation of (5) yellow cards = 3 point standings deduction. All red cards = 3 point standings deduction. 3 yellow cards to one player during course of season is 1 game suspension. Multiple red cards or yellow card warnings to the same player may result in league ejection.  Tie Breaking Procedures: 1) Head to Head 2) Goal Differential 3) Penalty Kicks or Coin Toss (Based on League Administration) Playoffs: in the case of a tie, games are settled by penalty kicks taken by the players on the field at the end of regulation time.

Rule 9 - Fouls and Other Violations: FIFA Laws of the Game apply to all infractions, including but not limited to: kicking, pushing, tripping, handling the ball, etc. All free kicks are indirect except when occurring within the penalty area which will result in a penalty kick.

Offside law does not apply. Teams should self-monitor obvious “cherry picking”, and the referee may, at his or her option, enforce cherry picking. The idea is that players should not cheat.

WNFC seeks to provide a family friendly environment and encourages family members and children to provide support. With this in mind, WNFC has instigated a no offensive language rule so that parents and children are not offended or embarrassed by comments made by players on the field. The referees will warn the captains of both teams at the coin toss that swearing, cursing or foul language offense results in automatic yellow card. No other warnings will be given. Foul and/or abusive language towards referees, as directed by FIFA, carries the punishment of a red card. 3 yellow cards accumulated by an individual during a season will result in a one game suspension. Fighting / violent conduct will not be tolerated. Players involved will be terminated from the game and possibly the league – minimum of 1 full season suspension applies. Multiple red cards, over aggressive play, referee abuse and/or any behavior deemed inappropriate may lead to a team’s suspension from the league. No refund will be issued for any games missed due to suspension.

Yellow Card (Warning): A player shown a yellow card is required to substitute. Red Card: During a game, a player who is shown a red card or a 2nd yellow card needs to leave the premises of the fields and will serve a minimum1 game suspension and may have to attend a discipline & protest board review meeting prior to being allowed to play again

 Rule 10 – Players ONLY:  on the player’s bench and sideline Due to insurance regulations ONLY players are allowed on the bench. All Spectators, family members, etc., must watch game from the sideline opposite of the players.

Western Nebraska Football Club: 308-631-9003, westernnebraskfc@gmail.com, www.westernnebraskafc.com.